Donation Request Form

    Organizational Information

    Is Your Organization Eligible to Apply for Funding?

    (If the organization is not based in one of the counties listed below it cannot apply for a donation from Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama)

    Applicant Organization County:
    Is your organization a government sanctioned tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or similar code sections), or a sanctioned state or local governmental agency? (Non Profit Organization)
    Does your organization have audit financials that are subject to review?

    Charity Details/Background

    Details of Donation Request

    Donation Request Justification

    Using last calendar year, indicate percentage of funds applied to program services.
    Will you accept some trade or in-king as payment?

    Range of Amount your organization is requesting(If request is set amount select the same amount for both low and high range).

    Low Range:
    High Range:

    Dates and Location of Event

    ***In addition to your application, you must e-mail the following items to or you will not be considered.

    1. A copy of your organization's 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter or current fiscal year IRS Form 990
    2. Your organization’s proof of registration with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office
    3. A list of organizers, board of directors and/or executives

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