Food Drive 2010

As the United States economy continues to struggle, more people than ever before are seeking help for the first time in their lives. While some households may have a steady income, the wages are sometimes too low to meet all expenses. Quite often what gets left out is food. The Montgomery Area Food Bank fights hunger and poverty by distributing food and other donated products to needy families throughout the state of Alabama. Free food is provided to low income residents by distributing bags of groceries or supplying on-site feeding or soup kitchen programs.

The Food Bank system takes food that otherwise would have gone to waste and gets it out to people who are unable to provide food for themselves and their families. The Food Bank accepts canned food items and non-perishable items of any kind and also welcomes monetary donations. For every $25 donation, the Food Bank can distribute up to 160 pounds of food. This would feed a family of three for two weeks or an elderly couple for an entire month.

Because the demand for food is up and donations are down, HMMA decided that one way to help meet the growing need to feed those who are hungry is to host a food drive at the plant from June 14 thru July 2, 2010. Though HMMA has been donating to the Montgomery Area Food Bank since February 2007, the Team Members pulled together and gave significantly more than past years. Team Members made a financial donation of $18,000 and in-kind donations of non-perishable canned foods totaling more than 2,100 pounds. All totaled, this is equivalent to more than 115,200 pounds of food! HMMA is proud to support the Montgomery Area Food Bank and plans to support this worthwhile organization for years to come.