HMMA Business Partner Code of Conduct – Compliance Monitoring


HMMA Business Partners should hold their supply chain, including all of its suppliers, vendors, customers, contractors, and business associates to the same standards contained in this Code of Conduct.

HMMA Business Partners are expected to establish and implement processes, procedures, codes of conduct, reporting systems, training and other appropriate mechanisms to ensure thorough, company-wide compliance with the HMMA Business Partner Code of Conduct. HMMA Business Partners should promptly report to HMMA’s Vice President of Purchasing and/or HMMA’s General Counsel notice of every known breach of this Code of Conduct and immediately implement a corrective action plan to cure the non-compliance within a specified time period.

If any HMMA Business Partner fails to meet the corrective action plan commitment, HMMA may suspend or terminate the business relationship. This suspension may include suspending placement of future orders and potentially terminating current production. HMMA reserves the right to hold each of its Business Partners responsible for reasonable costs incurred by HMMA in investigating non-compliance.

HMMA Business Partners are expected to operate in full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the United States, the State of Alabama, and any foreign country or political subdivision having jurisdiction over any HMMA Business Partners’ activities that relate to manufacturing, transportation, importation, exportation, and licensing. Additional laws, rules, and regulations HMMA Business Partners are expected to follow include (but are not limited to) those relating to immigration, conflict minerals, conditions of employment, and subcontractor selection. HMMA Business Partners are further expected to prohibit the use of materials from embargoed countries and/or from slave or child labor.

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