HMMA Business Partner Code of Conduct – Equal Employment Opportunity


HMMA recognizes that its Business Partners are independent businesses and are the exclusive employers for their employees. However, HMMA expects its Business Partners to strictly comply with all applicable labor and employment laws and to treat all of their employees with dignity and respect.

HMMA Business Partners should prohibit discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against any of its employees, job applicants, or other individuals based on race, color,religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, age, national origin, disability, genetic/family medical history, service in the uniformed services, filing for bankruptcy, engaging in protected activity, filing a workers’ compensation claim, exercising rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (“FMLA”) and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (“OSHA Act”) or other legally protected characteristics or activities.

HMMA Business Partners are expected to maintain a work environment that is positive and free of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

HMMA Business Partners should set wages (including overtime pay, wage deductions, performance-based pay and other remuneration) in compliance with all applicable laws.

HMMA Business Partners should recognize employee diversity and seek to promote diversity in all facets of its operations.

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