HMMA Business Partner Code of Conduct


Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, LLC (“HMMA”) prides itself on its relationships with its suppliers, vendors, customers, contractors, and business associates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “HMMA Business Partners”). HMMA strives to promote a mutually beneficial business relationship with each HMMA Business Partner based upon the highest standards of conduct. This document sets forth minimum workplace standards and business practices that are expected of every current or potential HMMA Business Partner. These standards were established to ensure that all HMMA Business Partners are aware of HMMA’s expectations of them to conduct business with integrity and respect and in full compliance with applicable law.

  1. Business Ethics
  2. Anti-Corruption
  3. Antitrust
  4. Business Records
  5. Intellectual Property and Confidential Information
  6. Equal Employment Opportunity
  7. Honesty, Fairness, Ethics, Dignity and Respect
  8. Health & Safety
  9. Environmental
  10. Compliance Monitoring
  11. Existing Contract Provisions