Charitable Giving

Looking at our role within society, Hyundai sees its corporate social responsibilities clearly. Part of our mission is to provide responsible stewardship to our community. Hyundai’s charitable giving program has been designed to foster that commitment with relentless determination. It is our duty as a responsible corporate citizen.

At HMMA, we are always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need, driven by our desire to return the faith and trust placed in us by our customers and neighbors. HMMA sponsors and participates in dozens of community projects throughout the year as we strive to help improve life for those around us.

Apply for Funding


HMMA welcomes proposals to assist in opportunities that fall within our community focus. There are five areas in which we concentrate our efforts:

Improving education;
Supporting the cultural arts;
Celebrating diversity;
Protecting the environment; and
Promoting health, physical fitness, and recreation.

It is recommended that charitable and sponsorship applications be submitted no later than the first day of the month if the applicant wishes to have the application reviewed during the current month. For example, you should submit your application by February 1 to be considered for review during the month of February. Not meeting this deadline may cause the review of your application to be delayed until the following month.

Before submitting an application, please take a moment to review the criteria required by your organization. If your organization meets the required criteria, please click on one of the following links to fill out an application:

HMMA’s review team committee meets monthly to review requests. Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks following each monthly meeting. Awards will be made within 30 days after notification. Requests for funding are limited to one (1) submission per organization per calendar year. Any additional requests made during the same calendar year will be denied.

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