Joseph Bradley

Joseph Bradley:

Joseph Bradley works on the chassis 1 line in general assembly and has been an HMMA Team Member since July 2012.

“We install brake lines, fuel tanks, the washer fluid reservoir, heat shields, and other parts,” he said. “And for about the last year and a half I’ve worked as a keeper on chassis 1.”

As a keeper, Joseph has to stay focused on quality at all times, and he said the high quality at HMMA is something he wasn’t expecting.

“Before I started working here, I only knew about Hyundai’s past,” he recalls. “Once I started working here I realized both the design and the quality of the cars really exceeded my expectations.”

Not only did his expectations change since he began working for HMMA, but Joseph’s life has changed, too.

“I have a new baby, and it has completely changed my outlook about my job,” he said. “I have to be even more focused on quality so that I know I’m secure in my job since I have someone else to take care of now.”

But Joseph said it’s not hard to produce a top-quality product when he’s working as part of such an amazing team.

“I love the teamwork on my line,” he said.” Most everyone is trained well in multiple jobs and my teammates are always ready to help if an issue arises that we need to address. If you don’t know the answer, it’s almost guaranteed someone nearby does.”

And whether it’s taking on a challenge or working alongside a great team that keeps you motivated, Joseph says it’s important to find your own inspiration for keeping quality high. He says, “Find something you like about every job you do and let it help you stay focused so your quality will never falter.”

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