HMMA Environmental Policy

For the harmony of humankind, the environment and our community, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) which establishes our commitment to preserve the environment.
Prevention – HMMA will proactively look for ways to reduce and prevent pollution, preserve resources and address energy usage. To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we will build vehicles using process technology and materials considering our impact on the environment. Improvement – HMMA will continually look for methods to optimize our internal systems, taking into consideration community concerns with the ultimate goal of improved environmental performance. Conformance – HMMA will strive to comply with all applicable regulations and requirements and will continually evaluate its conformance to achieve this goal.
Preservation of the environment for the benefit of our local community is the responsibility of all HMMA Team Members and those conducting any activities on behalf of HMMA. Our Environmental Management System is an integral part of our everyday business practices along with productivity, cost, quality, and safety. >>HMMA EMS Policy statement (PDF) If you have any environmental comments or concerns related to HMMA, please contact Public Relations.

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