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Kyle Waites

Kyle Waites joined the HMMA team in January 2005 as a production Team Member in the paint shop on the sealer deck. “Back then we were running pilot vehicles, and only about five a day,” he recalls. “We did a lot of cleaning and a lot of waiting, and for a few months we practiced …

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Joseph Bradley

Joseph Bradley works on the chassis 1 line in general assembly and has been an HMMA Team Member since July 2012. “We install brake lines, fuel tanks, the washer fluid reservoir, heat shields, and other parts,” he said. “And for about the last year and a half I’ve worked as a keeper on chassis 1.” …

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Sally Wren

Team Member Sally Wren is a specialist in the payroll section of the HR department. She joined HMMA in June 2003 and has been processing Team Member payroll ever since. “Back in 2003 we didn’t even work at the plant site,” she says. “We worked from offices in East Montgomery. There were about 35 total …

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Jeremy Richardson

Team Member Jeremy Richardson works on the trim final line in general assembly. He has been a Team Member for one year, but began his tenure at HMMA as an Aerotek employee back in January 2013. “I’ve worked on the trim final line for the whole time I’ve worked here,” Jeremy said. “Mainly I work …

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Cedric Sankey

Cedric Sankey is a production Team Member in the stamping shop. He joined HMMA 11 years ago, back in July 2004. “When I started, we were mostly cleaning and training,” Cedric remembers. “It took several months for all the equipment to be installed and all along we were thinking, ‘How will we run all this?’ …

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Benny Phillips

Team Member Benny Phillips joined the HMMA family nearly 11 years ago on May 24, 2004. He worked for production control driving a forklift – a job that took him to every shop at one time or another. “Back when I started in 2004, the buildings were up but everything wasn’t inside yet,” he remembers. …

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Alicia Phiffer

Team Member Alicia Phiffer is approaching her tenth year at HMMA, having worked in the weld shop since February 2006. “When I first came to Hyundai, we were building about 200 cars a day, but some days ran faster than others,” she remembers. “Everyone was like a big family and we all worked together to …

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John Hall

Engine maintenance Team Member John Hall has been at Hyundai since October 18, 2004, when he was first hired to work in the engine assembly department. “When I started, we weren’t building any engines yet,” he remembers. “All the equipment was still being installed, and we were checking the different workstations for safety and deciding …

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Cheryl Trone

Paint shop Team Member Cheryl Trone became an HMMA Team Member on November 15, 2004. When she first joined Hyundai over 10 years ago, she started off in the black tape area of the paint shop where she still works today. Remembering back to that time, Cheryl recalls how different her average workday was then …

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Pat Means

Pat Means has been an HMMA Team Member in general assembly since January 4, 2004. When she began her tenure with Hyundai 11 years ago, she was among the first group of HMMA Team Members that were sent to Korea for a month of hands-on training. “We were in Korea for 34 days,” Pat recalls. …

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